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Daniel Kidger Daniel.Kidger at
Mon Nov 11 09:59:26 PST 2002

Just my 2cents worth for now...

>Note: Esc key is reproduced on a VT100 or later term with CTRL-[
>That's the left square bracket key.

- This should be common knowledge. On most keyboard mappings, the control
key modifies ascii characters to subtract '64' hence allowing values in the
range 0-31 to be entered
  A-Z give 1-26, but also note that in ascii: @ preceeds A, and Z is
followed by   [\]^_`

- for F-keys over a serial line <cntl-F> followed by the digit often works
if <esc>digit doesn't

- for /etc/inittab I would use agetty rather than mingetty for serial
consoles, the latter only seems to work reliably for slow baudrates.


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