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(((Contains a link to photos of the device during assembly.)))


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an example of hand-made cluster (fwd)  
2002-11-08 08:39

 Oops! clicked too fast. Here is the link:
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 Subject: an example of hand-made cluster
 I don't know if you may find it interesting, but here is a photo gallery of
 the "making-of" of our rackmounted system. It employs 6 Athlon XP systems, one
 boots from hard disk and the others from lan.
 We used openmosix, and some linux qdisc trick to guarantee smooth play even in
 quite heavy network activity.
 It is used to host approximately 1000 users playing online games, like Jedi
 Knight and Quake III.
 If you like these things, in the left menu under "i nostri server" ("our
 servers" in italian) you can find the realtime usage by the people doing online
 Ah: the machine is kalled "kraken", like the mythical octopus (or what it was :-))
 Carlo Daffara
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