disadvantages of a linux cluster

Paul Redfern red at tc.cornell.edu
Tue Nov 5 13:45:21 PST 2002

We used to run IBM SP and SGIs and are now running CFD applications on
256-processor Intel clusters (home grown apps). We run in parallel with
MPI Pro and Cluster Controller and Windows 2000. Reliability is 5-nines;
manageability tools have helped us to reduce systems administration
costs/staff. A company visiting last week is installing a 128-processor
Windows cluster for multiple users to access FLUENT. If you are
interested in trying out a Windows cluster with your CFD app, I can
provide a test account for that on Dell (duals) or Unisys  (32-processor
SMP Xeon and Itanium 2). 
Paul Redfern
Cornell Theory Center
Tel 607-254-8693
red at tc.cornell.edu

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