Surge suppressors (not wiring)

David Mathog mathog at
Mon Nov 4 15:36:33 PST 2002

>Jim Lux wrote:
> I found this as a cached page through google:

That's a good one!  After reading it I went
searching around the UL site (which is a horror, not least of all
for not keeping the above document on line) for
UL listings on surge suppressors.  The keyword "surge" 
turned up most of the expected brands, if not most of the
expected models.  No brickwall or surgex.  Zerosurge was
there though, and theirs was one of the very, very, very few that
actually had the Endurance column filled in.

Tripp Lite's page was more typical (that is, devoid
of endurance info):

What a PITA this is.  UL measures endurance - but doesn't list it on
its site.  The manufacturers receive the endurance test info - but
don't give it out except to those few (very few, I imagine) customers
who know to ask for it.  It's almost like the airlines, where the
passengers have all sorts of "rights" which they can only exercise
if they know how to ask the right questions!


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