Surge suppressors

Bob Drzyzgula bob at
Sun Nov 3 14:02:05 PST 2002

On Sun, Nov 03, 2002 at 12:02:52PM -0500, Robert G. Brown wrote:
> In summary, "15 amp" receptacles should always be able to carry 20 amps
> safely enough, but plugs designed to fit into them are unlikely to be
> able to carry 20 amps (unless one uses 12 gauge cord, and even so it
> would probably be a code violation).  One can therefore use "15 amp"
> receptacles safely on a 20 Amp breaker because even if one does overload
> a cord or do something else dumb within the room, the wiring in the wall
> including the receptacle itself should withstand 20 Amps safely.  The
> plug, the appliance cord, etc of course may well melt and burn, but the
> walls should be safe enough.

Pretty much correct. You can build in reasonable
protections, but in the end, a determined idiot
will always find a way to bypass them. You simply
can't save people from themselves.


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