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Sean DIlda agrajag at
Sun Mar 31 21:11:01 PST 2002

On Sun, 2002-03-31 at 23:15, Eric Miller wrote:
> Whoa, let's start over!
> I am looking for the latest Scyld RPM packages, not the RPM tool itself!  I
> am all too aware of the RPM tool and it's uses.
> To re-word my questions, (and add a new one):
> -What are the pros/cons of RPMing the Scyld package on the master as opposed
> to doing a full Scyld install.  I assume that the full install will setup
> the fstab, DHCP server on the cluster NIC, DNS (or proper /etc/hosts
> entries), etc.  Assuming that I am comfortable with doing this myself, are
> there any glaring disadvantages to using and RPMed version vs. the full
> install?  (Incedentally, this question may be dated.  I assume that an RPM
> version is available based on the docs that accompanied my 27Bz-7 CD.)

Doing a full install will give you the latest errata as of the time the
CD was done, it will also do the entire install easily for you.  As for
what it sets up, off the top of my head the only files I can remember it
doing special are /etc/beowulf/config and /etc/exports (If you want to
know for certain, let me know and I will double-check my anaconda
patches for you)  Scyld Beowulf uses beoserv to give nodes their IPs
over RARP instead of dhcp, so dhcp does no need to be setup, and we also
use beonss which provides a hostname lookup facility that ties directly
into BProc and bypasses DNS (however, programs such as ping will work
like you want just by having the beonss package installed).

Other than the new errata and those two files there is nothing extra you
get from doing the full install off of the CD except for the ease of
having the installer just do it all for you.

I must note, my above answer was given as if you were installing over
RH6.2  I do *NOT* recommend installing the binary rpms from a
RHL6.2-based Scyld Beowulf over a RHL7.2 system.  This is by no means a
supported method.  I don't know if anything will or won't break in doing
it, but I would assume that something will considering how much has
changed between RHL6.2 and RHL7.2  If you really want to try, you're
free to try, but if you want something right now, I'd suggesting going
to the RHL6.2 based setup.

> -If I should decide to go with the full install, is there a more current CD
> available than the one I currently possess (27Bz-7)?  If so, are the .iso
> files available, or do I need to order a new one?

Yes! Our most recent version is 27z-9 (starting with -8 the first
character was used to distinguish architectures and basic/profesional,
but the general version is referrned to without it.. ie 27z-8 or 27z-9
as opposed to 27az-8, 27bz-8, 27cz-8, etc)  As far as I know, there are
no available iso images for Scyld Beowulf (the bandwidth to serve them
is expensive).  I recommend contacting sales at and ordering the
most recent version.

> -If I should decide to keep my RH7.2 and go with the RPMs, what is the
> ftp://directory/xyz.rpm that I should use?  The Scyld FTP site is nebulous,
> and there are several that look like they may fit the bill.

Um.. erm.. there isn't one :) is where
we keep our rpms.  We only have binary rpms up for 27bz-7 and 27bz-6. 
For the newer versions, we only have the original srpms and the binary
and srpms for any updates we did.  Oh, and remember, don't mix RHL7.2
with our RHL6.2 based product, that's just a bad combination if you ask
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