Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry at cs.tamu.edu
Fri Mar 29 21:26:42 PST 2002

First order of business:  Upgrade to RH7.2, as the fixes therein are

2.  The delta between 7.2 and 7.1 for DHCP is somewhere between trivial
and non-existent.

Ship me a copy of the config file and I'll look at it for you.  

Adrian Garcia Garcia wrote:
> Hello everybody, I'm a beginner and I have been having problems with
> my dhcp server, I cant assign the ip's to the clients, I dont know
> exactly if the server is not working or the client. I am working with
> Red Hat 7.1 and my dhcp client is dhcpcd because I tried with pump but
> It was not work. Please, Please, can anybody give some halp, what can
> I do???? Sorry for my poor english, In fact I speak spanish. Pleas
> help. Thanks a lot.
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