Inexpensive beowulf but not so miniature Beowulf

Mathew Benson mathew_benson at
Fri Mar 22 05:41:12 PST 2002

I just joined the list so I wasn't able to add to the "Miniature Beowulf" 
thread earlier.  For those other students that would like to play with a 
Beowulf cluster, or for institutions that want a cluster but do not have a 
budget, I built a $0 cluster that scales from 1 to n (don't know the limit 
yet).  Its great for students and schools that have computer labs that sit 
idle.  I have a Pentium 200 that I pulled from surplus as my permanent 
cluster master, and a stack of floppies that I boot from.  They boot from 
floppy and never mount the harddrives so you can temporarily borrow a 
computer lab for the cluster and return it back to its original setup when 
you're done.  I modified Ganglia to support unicast for those of us that 
have IT departments that won't enable multicast for undergraduate projects.  
I'm writing the HOWTO now, and won't be done for a few more weeks.

I appologize if I'm repeating somebody elses work.  I'm just an undergrad 
student and new to the Beowulf community.  Is there anybody out there that 
would be interested in something like this?

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