Available Cluster for Testing?

Tom Moline tpmoline at ll.net
Thu Mar 21 05:08:32 PST 2002

Hello All,
	I am "between" clusters right now and have a need to test some new hardware and software with a Beowulf cluster.  I have a window of opportunity opening in the last two weeks in May 2002.  I am looking for a available cluster that has access to OC-3 minimum internet connection.  (OC-192 would be perfect).   We would be using a new device from Inkranetworks www.inkra.com that is a virtual service architecture platform (hw & sw).  I haven't even tested the device, put inkra does have units deployed in beta testing and will work with me and the cluster owner to deliver, setup etc for the test. 
	I have a software package for the cluster and node memory requirements may have some bearing on test.  If you have a cluster that may be available please contact me directly at -  tpmoline at LL.net  -.  I have not requested budgetary support for this effort so cost will be a factor.  If you have questions specific to the Inkra device please refer those to Guy Werre, - gwerre at inkra.com - .  
	Successful outcome would assist in a powerful positive impact on municipal network management for bundled digital services.

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