Linux-Router - 100mbps???

Carlos O'Donell Jr. carlos at
Wed Mar 20 00:17:50 PST 2002

> > Hello,
> > 
> > I have for more than a year now an old linux server (133MHZ, 16MB RAM),
> > which operates as a router and gateway to the internet for 3 Windows
> > clients. Yes, i agree...this is not a very "good" server - anyway, i haven't
> > had any problems with it in the past. It worked well (Internet, LAN etc.)
> Wrong list, but sure, why not.

rgb, you really are great! :)

In the years I've been reading this list, it's always been
a pleasure to read the posts (I wonder what drama's are on 
LKML tonight... <click>).

Reading and thinking about bandwidth problems has reminded 
me of some recent musings.

My current pet project is:
fbdev+MPI - Parallel Display

Everything seems feasible, except that the bandwidth 
requirements between the system running vfb-mpi and the 
master node grows n^2 with the size of the display. 

Will this system scale?
Are compressed framebuffer delta's going to be enough?

I just recently started work on this, so I'll return to the
list when more gets completed. Shelving for a 9x9 monitor
grid is already complete, with back breaking monitor moving
to follow.

I'm open to any thoughts and personal anecdotes.
Is anyone working on flexible parallel display systems?
If you were, would it look like this?


[1] Active Mural
	= Is this alive?
[2] XGGI
	= Old. Needs to be looked at.
[3] GGI

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