1U rackmount cases for *single* cpu AMD XP 2100+

John Burton j.c.burton at gats-inc.com
Tue Mar 19 07:34:48 PST 2002


I'm looking for a couple of things and some information. First, I 
recently read a review on Tom's hardware about a new chipset from VIA 
for Athlons, the KT333.  Does anyone know of any motherboards shipping 
with this chipset? Can anyone suggest a good 1U case for such a board 
running an Athlon XP2100+ ? I'm considering building  a small cluster 
with the following specs (if I can :-)

Athlon XP2100+
KT333 chipset
ATA/100 local disk
1 GB of memory
1U case

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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