modifying XPs into MPs

Velocet math at
Mon Mar 18 11:00:09 PST 2002

Article posted on /. today:

The interesting bit is that the HW Zone people looked at the diff between
their older XPs and the newer ones which wouldnt boot as MP and spotted
the differences which enabled the older ones to work.

This is probably somewhat responsible for the range of reports we've
had on Beo-l. They use the MSI board for their tests - curiously none of
the posts here about  problems with XP in SMP werent that the BIOS
stopped people (on the Tyan boards?) but that there were functionality
problems, like kernel panics or cards not working or random crashes. Looks
like this little modification may just fool the bios into allowing boot
as opposed to fixing these nasty crashes - or did I read it wrong?

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