Miniature Beowulf

Mark Hahn hahn at
Fri Mar 15 10:24:34 PST 2002

> > > both Compaq and Dell sell "small-form-factor" desktops, which 
> > > are roughly
> > > 12x3 in rack surface area (close to 1U, but much shallower.)
> you mean the ipaq ????  it doesnt have enough flexibility and umphhf...

no, of course not.  Compaq's current SFF evo is 3.9", but rumor has it
that their reallySFF model (2.72") will be P4ized soon.  of course,
we'd also like it if they upgraded from PC133 to PC2100.

Dell's Optiplex gx240 (also P4/PC133) is 3.6" wide.

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