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would it have to be rack mounted? i have a unit called an 'ez-go' that might
be interesting. P-III 1GHz, 256 ram, 30G disk, DVD/CD-RW, 10/100 ethernet,
USB 1.1, in a unit about the size of a CD-walkman. i have 9 of these on a 2U
shelf. around USD 1000 each.

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> Hello all!
> I had a crazy idea the other day. I recently came into posession of
> a DEC Multia. For those who aren't familiar, the Multia is a very
> small footprint Alpha that's a few years old. There's quite a few of
> them around, still available. These have onboard ethernet, sound,
> video, etc. I've also got a Compaq 5000 Quad that's about to go into
> a rack. So I thought, maybe I could pick up a few more Multias and
> make myself a slow supercomputer...
> Anyhow, my real question is, if the Multia thing doesn't work out,
> what are some options for building very small, compact clusters? I'm
> a student, so my money's tight, and I'll probably have to seek
> funding for my little project. I figured I could get 7 or maybe 8
> Multias into a 5-unit rack space. I've seen the SBCs, but can't find
> many of them for a decent price. Plus, the ones I can afford are too
> slow. (486) I remembered my Dreamcast downstairs, but it's so hard to
> find the ethernet adapter for those, so forget it. Is there anything
> else that you guys can think of that's powerful, and cheap (namely
> discontinued)?
> Thanks a lot!
> BTW: Please reply directly to me, as I'm not on the list yet.
> Zach Lowry
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