gige benchmark performance

W Bauske wsb at
Thu Mar 14 18:55:40 PST 2002

Mark Hartner wrote:
> We are working on putting together a 32 node cluster at the University of
> Utah. I have benchmarked several Gigabit cards over cat5,
> Netgear GA620T
> Netgear GA622T
> Intel Pro/1000T Server
> I have put the performance results on my webpage,
> The Netgear GA622T performed rather poorly and I am wondering if it has
> anything to do with our setup. Is there anyone else who could share thier
> experiences with the GA622T or other cards based on the NS 83820
> chipset? I have seen unfavorable postings in the past regarding NS 83820
> cards, but our results are even worse than expected.

Add "-b 262144" to your test command and see if it improves.
Off hand, I'd guess the Intel and Alteon chipsets are using 
larger buffers by default. Looking at the drivers would tell
for sure.


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