gige benchmark performance

Mark Hahn hahn at
Thu Mar 14 16:34:49 PST 2002

> The Netgear GA622T performed rather poorly and I am wondering if it has
> anything to do with our setup. Is there anyone else who could share thier
> experiences with the GA622T or other cards based on the NS 83820
> chipset? I have seen unfavorable postings in the past regarding NS 83820
> cards, but our results are even worse than expected.

well, the driver's author just posted an update that looks like 
a major improvement.  he also says he's seeing 810 Mbps between 
two athlons using 1.5KB MTU's.  which leads me to my second comment:
that I've heard people say bad things about the i860's PCI throughput.
I don't know how that would explain the apparent collapse shown
in your graphs, though.  ie, why the graphs start to look strange at 
around 10KB packets.  I suppose there might be some interaction between
back-to-back packets, the HW or driver's attempts at irq mitigation,
perhaps even driver memory allocation.

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