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Stephanie Bluebear sbluebear at
Fri Mar 8 13:43:16 PST 2002

This is the deal. We have a cluster with 16 nodes (32
proc) running scyld. However, I need redhat 7.2 for an
application that I will be using. So I decided to
remove some nodes from the existing cluster to create
a new cluster running rh7.2. I removed three nodes
from the existing cluster to do this. All three have
the same configuration.

For the moment, I decided not to configure ethernet on
the master node. This cluster  will just have a local
network. I will set up access to the internet once I
get the cluster ready and going (Should not be too
hard I hope)

I read some installation guides from the internet.
None of them are very good. One of these days, some
body will have to write a REAL beowulf-setup howto ,
but I am digressing... I basically followed what was
found in the pondermatic website.

I installed redhat 7.2 on all three machines. Assigned
them hostnames of alpha, beta and gamma.
I set up ethernet such that their IP addresses were 
beta :
(they are connected through a linksys switch, btw)

using netconfig, I added hosts (beta and gamma to
alpha),  (alpha and gamma to beta) and (alpha and beta
to gamma) on all three machines. I guess this in
essence adds those hosts to /etc/hosts. I also added 
/etc/hosts.equiv files to include all three machine

I also installed lamd on all three machines.

Theoretically, if all is setup correctly, I have a
beowulf cluster. But things are never that easy, are

I can ping all the machines from every other machine. 
However, I can not rsh from one machine to another.
e.g., from alpha, typing "rsh beta ls" does nothing. I
can see the machnines trying to communicate via the
blinking LED s in the switch, but nothing happens on
the screen.

What could be the possible reasons? 

On all three machines, I  have a /etc/hosts file
/ets/hosts.equiv file and a hosts.allow file which all
list alpha, beta and gamma.

Any help would be appreciated. I  have spent three
frustrating days trying to figure this out to no

I also have a few other questions.
According to the current setup, there is no true
master and slave. All the machines have equal
priority. That seems kind of strange to me. Is there
anything I need to do differently while configuring
the machines so that there is a true master and other


Looking forward to some help


The University of Michigan

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