bang for buck?

Josip Loncaric josip at
Fri Mar 8 06:52:34 PST 2002

"Geoffrey D. Jacobs" wrote:
> Generally, SMP should help performance compared w/ 2 single CPUs (by
> Amdahl's rule) as average communcation speed is much higher.  All in
> all, though, it depends on the application.

The phrase "it depends" is more accurate than the word "generally."  For
a comparison of NAS benchmarks on singles/duals using different MPI
libraries and comparing TCP (fast ethernet) to VIA (Giganet cLAN)
transports, see:

Contention for shared resources (e.g. memory) and juggling different
connections (network/internal) on duals has significant effects.  In my
tests, all 16-process NAS benchmarks run faster and more stably using
16x1 CPUs than 8x2 CPUs, regardless of the MPI library or network

The moral: Don't confuse high intra-node bandwidth with application
performance.  Other bottlenecks often dominate.


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