MPI without master node on Scyld

Howard Yuh yuh at PSFC.MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 6 20:35:04 PST 2002


In looking through the previous posts from Keith Underwood and Art
Edwards, I have assembled a p4_pg file to try and run a MPI job
on a Scyld beowulf without using the master node.

the p4_pg file looks like:

1 0 application arg1
2 1 application arg1
3 1 application arg1
4 1 application arg1

I have the p4_pg file and the application NFS mounted to all slaves
and I try to launch using the command

NO_INLINE_MPIRUN=true bpsh 1 application arg1 -p4_pg=p4pg_file

after creating /var/shm to avoid the shm_beostat error,
I now get this error:

    p4_error: latest msg from perror: Invalid argument
p0_23455:  p4_error: init_p4_brdcst_info: my master indx bad: -1

Does anyone know what the problem is?
What does the slave need to "be" the master node in an MPI program?
Does the program need any modification to be run this way?

Any help is appreciated,
Thanks in advance,

Howard Yuh
Doctoral Candidate
Alcator C-Mod Experimental Tokamak
Plasma Science & Fusion Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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