Tyan Tiger & non-MP Athlons

W Bauske wsb at paralleldata.com
Tue Mar 5 11:16:31 PST 2002

"Donald B. Kinghorn" wrote:
> ...
> We we're sent (by mistake) 16 Tyan 2460 motherboards with XP's instead of
> MP's  ... they all installed and booted OK but under load I couldn't get any
> 4 board subset of them to complete any of our test suites without at least
> one locking up ... after much anguish and, after replacing all 32 cpu's with
> MP's everything was fine ...
> So my recommendation is DON'T DO IT!   :-)

They work on my systems. Had to add a fan to the chipset heatsink though
to stabilize them. That chip runs too hot. Also saw a similar problem on
k7s5a's and we're testing the fan on the HS there at the moment.

Were the MP's the same clock rate as the XP's you had previously or did you
downgrade to a slower clock? Slowing down the chips makes the problem go 
away on k7s5a's. That was the first test we did.


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