Tyan Tiger & non-MP Athlons

Frank Joerdens frank at joerdens.de
Tue Mar 5 06:53:06 PST 2002

We're planning a little 8-CPU cluster and are considering dual Athlons.

All the info I've been able to collect about non-MP Athlons in Dual
Mainboards (the Tyan Tiger, specifically) points to this: 

It works, but AMD doesn't guarantee that it works. The performance with
Dual Thunderbirds is not so impressive, but basically there is no
difference between XPs and MPs (except that the latter come with a 'Dual
Certified' guarantee).

Now the dealer I just called tells me that this is not true with the
newer XPs that come with a 'green substrate', although it used to be
true for older XPs that come with a 'brown substrate'. This sounds
pretty silly to me, and I don't believe him. Then again maybe I missed
some recent thread about it . . . what's your experience with non-MP
Athlons in dual setups? Prices here (Berlin, Germany) are 205 Euro for
and 1800 XP and 315 Euro for an 1800 MP.

Regards, Frank

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