Dual motherboard cases

Drake Diedrich Drake.Diedrich at anu.edu.au
Mon Mar 4 02:36:13 PST 2002

On Wed, Feb 13, 2002 at 12:36:54PM -0600, Donald B. Kinghorn wrote:
> Hi all,
> Do any of you know of any compact dual motherboard cases? [ by dual 
> motherboard case I mean a case that will accommodate two full ATX 
> motherboards] I'd like to build some 4 processor clusters (two dual processor 
> motherboards) in a single case. I know of a couple of HUGE server cases like 
> the one from Cal PC (which I've used) and Chenbro but I'd like to find 

   The Macase KI-P80H is another such server case, but was apparently
designed for 4 motherboards, so if you divide the cost by the 4 motherboards
it isn't so unreasonable (we haven't put multiple M/Bs in ours, just many
hard disks). It is basically a 4RU case (with PCI slots) for one
motherboard, dual heavy duty power supplies, and a large empty bay (another
4RU) where the other M/B's (cardless) could go.

The KI-P80 8U 19" rack mount rugged Industrial PC chassis is specifically
engineered for brutal industrial environments. They are designed to isolate
the computer from shock, vibration, heat, dust, liquids, and moisture. It's
provides fans cooling the main chassis are equipped with a removable dust
filter. It also has built-in thermal alarm & fan failure control board in
the chassis. The KI-P80 is a rugged 19", 20 slot rack mount IPC chassis
especially designed for applications that require a large number of
expansion slots and disk drives, or for integrating multiple PC systems into
one chassis. Its back plane architecture allows for easier upgrading,
troubleshooting, and more efficient system packaging.  In addition to a
(800W+400W) or (400W+400W) hot swappable redundant power supply a power
On/Off switch, four sets of system controls, reset switches and keyboard
connectors, are installed so that the enclosed PC systems can work both
independently and simultaneously. 

> I've spent quite a bit of time searching on the web but haven't come up with 
> anything acceptable. I'd consider custom fabrication but the cost needs to be 
> under $700 US.

   The price is a bit less than twice this, but if you can get 4
motherboards into it it's not completely unreasonable.


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