Intel E7500 versus ServerWorks GC-LE/HE

Jarrod Smith jsmith at
Thu Feb 28 09:14:47 PST 2002

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Steven Timm wrote:

> I would be interested also to hear people's opinion
> on why either the Intel E7500 (=Plumas) and the Serverworks GC-HE
> chipsets are supposed to be better than the I860-based
> systems which offer RDRAM?  Why is there such a push to
> get chipsets that support DDR SDRAM--especially when the
> price isn't much different anymore?

I don't know all the reasons.  One of them that's been discussed here is a 
sub-par PCI implementation.

But (correct me if I'm wrong) the fact that Intel themselves never
produced a motherboard based on their own I860 chipset should be some
indication of its limitations.

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