Intel E7500 motherboards

Patrick Geoffray patrick at
Thu Feb 28 05:24:00 PST 2002


David van der Spoel wrote:
> The supermicro has similar specs, up to 16 Gb memory. I just ordered two 
> of machines with these (supermicro P4DP6) boards. It seems that Tyan will 
> be able to deliver in a few weeks, but supermicro can deliver now, and is 
> cheaper (according to my dealer).

The 2 interesting boards to look at are :
Super P4DP6        Intel "Plumas"
Super P4DLA        Serverworks "Grand Champion" (GC-LE)

However, these boards do not seem to be available right now. Please, if 
you have the chance to get one of these, can you notify the list ?


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