PCI-64: how to find

David Geldreich David.Geldreich at sophia.inria.fr
Wed Feb 27 01:54:16 PST 2002

    Hello Patrick,

Patrick Geoffray wrote:
> David Geldreich wrote:
> >      I am currently having problem with fullduplex; the driver and my
> > switch are telling fullduplex, but doing ttcp in both direction
> > simultaneously gives only 520Mbit/s in both direction (a total of
> > 1040Mbit were I expect 1800Mbit).
> What is the load of your CPU(s) ? That may be the bottleneck in
> bidirectional.

      My test configuration is 1 PC (bi-Athlon) with GigE card and 19
machine with 100Mb ethernet cards. The load on the GigE machine is 80%
and is running 38 process (19 in + 19 out) ...

     In an other message you were talking about a DMA benchmark. I have
am ASUS A7M266-D motherboard and I want to test its PCI capabilities....

    Thanks in advance.

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