/. MS vs. university Beowulfs

Daniel Kidger Daniel.Kidger at quadrics.com
Mon Feb 25 02:33:15 PST 2002

Greg Lindahl wrote:
>> The Cornell university NT cluster is the only case I have heard of
>> that was designed to perform calculations like a Beowulf cluster. 
>NCSA had a bigger one, but decided to switch to Linux.

Dennis Nicole's group at Southampton have had an NT cluster for quite a few
I remember being shown round it a couple of years ago.

They are however funded by M$ and as a result the web pages about their
system are at:

Theses pages are quite extensive. There is an FAQ which gives a quickstart
guide to setting up a cluster.

They also have links to a great many other M$-clusters including INRIA,
Cornell, Argonne, Berkeley. 

There seems to be a lot of push trying to promote MPI for Industrial users
of NT.
In spite of this, my own employer: Quadrics has no intension of ever making
its Interconnect work with Windows. :-)


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