/. MS vs. university Beowulfs

John Nelson john at computation.com
Fri Feb 22 16:51:46 PST 2002

I can't imagine what advantage there would be to moving to an insecure, 
unreliable, MS operating system with Qos issues... oh and you'd have to 
pay for each and every licence of the OS.  All you would accompish is to 
pad MS's bottom line and provide the company with an advertizing 
opportunity... there is no technical justification for such a move.

-- John

>>Here's the problem: my understanding is that an MS rep asked what it would
>>take to get them to switch to a Microsoft cluster. Is this possible? Are
>>there MS clusters that do what Beowulf clusters are capable of? I thought
>>MS clusters were for load balancing, not computation... which is the
>>hoped-for goal of this project. Can the Slashdot crowd offer some advice?


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