Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Thu Feb 21 09:53:25 PST 2002

You people probably won't beleive this but I once owned a Creative Labs
Sound Blaster AWE 32 that _HABITUALLY_ threw the NMI during NORMAL
operation, Apparently Creative labs thought the best way to emulate some
ancient interface was to trap to software via the NMI and do something
-- I can't remember what... When I called tech support and bitched about
it they said "Yeah, it's a well documented FEATURE." 
	They have absolutly no respect for the notion of a critical hardware
fault... Some other time I bought a DVD drive from them, it was not even
romotely ATAPI compliant, and the DOS driver that came with it didn't
utilize the VDS service correctly and crashed the machine whenever a
decient memory manager was in place! 
	The Toshiba DVD drive I use now works perfectly in all operating
systems including DOS. =)

People who think that destructive brain uploading is an acceptable and
positive choice should be committed to the mental hospital for suicidal
tendancies. http://users.rcn.com/alangrimes/  <my website.

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