Recent AMD760MPX chipset PCI measurements??

Patrick Geoffray patrick at
Thu Feb 21 07:56:30 PST 2002

Luc Renambot wrote:

> Here is the printout for a machine with a GeForce3 on the AGP port.
> (motherboard Tyan 2462 Thunder K7). Is this "+-01.0-[01]" the bridge
> you were talking about ?

Yep. To have a bridge between PCI and AGP is not uncommon, but to have a 
bridge fully implemented (support access from both sides) is actually 
rare. Many times, there is a bridge between 2 PCI busses, but the bridge 
only maps Host/PCI and PCI/Host, almost never PCI/PCI. It's logical, 
nobody cares about PCI to PCI transaction in the mass market. However, 
it's a violation of the PCI spec, but nobody cares about it either :-)


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