Dell Precision 530 + MPICH

Mark Hahn hahn at
Tue Feb 19 12:08:34 PST 2002

> > or just use ACPI (which *does* work in SMP afaik).  for compiling,
> > you just need the CONFIG_APM option - the other detailed 
> > features are probably what don't work in SMP.
> I think that there was a deadlock issue with APM and SMP -- maybe the
> system had a hard time coming back out of a powerdown with the lock held
> by the "right" processor?

I'd guess that you only enter a deep sleep state when you hold no locks.
(or maybe just the Big Kernel Lock).  my old SMP machine has apparently
died, but a new one nearby (dual Xeon) seems to be doing ACPI just fine.

> In any event, I'm pretty sure that there are still APM issues even in
> the 2.4 kernel.

I'm claiming that ACPI, *not* APM, works with SMP...

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