Dell Precision 530 + MPICH

Mark Hahn hahn at
Tue Feb 19 11:04:52 PST 2002

> > > > Any ideas? I already tried the apm=power-off option at the boot
> >
> > should be "smp=power-off".
> Do you mean apm=smp-power-off??? What the options that should be also compiled in the kernel to support it?

dang, I was misremembering.  after looking at the sources,
on a modern kernel, it should be either "apm=power-off", "apm=power_off",
or just use ACPI (which *does* work in SMP afaik).  for compiling,
you just need the CONFIG_APM option - the other detailed 
features are probably what don't work in SMP.

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