High Speed Beowulf Cluster using gigabit ethernet

Velocet math at velocet.ca
Tue Feb 19 01:04:09 PST 2002

On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 12:31:43AM -0600, W Bauske's all...
> > > $34.50 USD for ADDTRON GBE based on the NS83820 (or is that 82830?)
> > > chipset.
> > >
> > > not sure if its a 32 or 64 bit card though.
> > 
> > The $36 addtron cards that a few places have on pricewatch are 32bit cards.  I
> > also see Ark GA-2500T and D-Link DGE-500T cards for $44-50 from a few places.
> > The cheapest 64-bit cards seem to be some more Addtron ones starting at $67.
> > 
> > Addtron claims their 320T and 620T (64bit) cards work with Linux.  I don't
> > know what the ark and dlink cards' status is.  The quality of the driver (
> > stability, hardware TCP/IP checksum, jumbo frames, etc.) and any motherboards
> > incompatibilities are also a big question.

The addtron site has a module there for download. Its precompiled for
2.4.2 (or so it would seem based on the makefile), and some instructions
for getting it working. A few nice features such as Transmit and Receive
queue sizing, as well as info for 'jumbo frames' up to 4000 bytes. However,
thats if you get it working. Anyone using this? Anyone tried to compile the
module? (I got a few compilation errors relating to asm header files in the
linux kernel...)

> The cards I bought for $36 claim to be 64bit and the pic shows a
> 64bit card. When they arrive, I'll know for sure. Also, What I've
> found to be compatability issues has been the 64bit cards in 64bit
> 33Mhz slots. Haven't sorted it out. I know some of the 64bit cards I've
> tried do work in a 32bit slot. No systematic testing though. I suspect
> the driver is assuming a 66Mhz 64bit bus and messes up the card timing
> but have no proof. The card just does nothing. Doesn't hang the system
> though so it's not real painful to mess with.

get these yet? success?


> Wes
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