comp.distributed -- Usenet discussion group passesand exists...

Rajkumar Buyya rajkumar at
Fri Feb 15 16:33:06 PST 2002

Dear all,

The new newsgroup, comp.distributed, has been created, for discussion
of distributed systems, applications, resources, platforms, etc.,
including areas like cluster, peer-to-peer and computational grids.  
The final vote was 206 YES to 11 NO.

An official control message was sent out on Feb 5th to create the group,
so you should find it available on your internet (or Usenet) service
provider.  However, we have learned that many internet (or newsgroup)
service providers no longer automatically honor these control messages,
so if comp.distributed is not available on your provider, you may need
to specifically request (e.g. via email to support) that they carry it.

If you are waiting for your own provider to carry it, you will find it
available on in the interim.  Many readers may find
this a much less satisfactory interface than traditional (NNTP) news
readers, however, so we do request that you contact your news
administrator to carry the group even if you can access it using Google.

-- Dave DiNucci and Raj Buyya

PS: If you don't have access to Usenet newsserver, you can browse it,
involve in discussion, and post messages via google:

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