Clubmask 0.5b1 released

Nicholas Henke henken at
Wed Feb 13 11:37:15 PST 2002

Name        : clubmask
Version     : 0.5
Release     : Beta 1
Group       : Cluster Installation, Management and Scheduling
Vendor      : Nicholas Henke
License     : GPL
URL         :

Description :
What is clubmask
Clubmask is a set of open source Beowulf Cluster management
tools being developed at the University of Pennsylvania. These tools
are unique in that the aim of the project is to provide a
"Physicist Proof", completely turnkey and integrated environment. Clubmask
allows everyone from the linux novice to the advanced cluster
administration to
install a cluster that will fit their needs.

Whats available presently ( 0.5 Beta 1):
- Node and server installation
- Basic resource managment
- Redhat 7.2 Support with kernel 2.4.17
- Maui job scheduler
- Support for Batch, MPI, and Interactive jobs

What is likely to change before 0.5 Final:
- Improved documentation
- Tested scalability of up to 128 nodes and > 1000 active jobs.
- SSH integration
- Improved management scripts for the Clubmask daemons.

Current Support
Clubmask currently allows a RedHat 7.2 based classic beowulf cluster.
Each node is assumed to have at least one network. A local distribution
repository is needed to install the operating system. The home
directories, as well as any additional programs are assumed to be NFS or
PVFS mounted from a central location. Clubmask supplies the user with a
web interface for the configuration of install scripts for the nodes,
which are autogenerated after a few simple web pages are completed. A
floppy boot image is generated for each type of install.

Once the machines are installed and configured, an embedded database
server/resource manager is used to collect information for the Maui job
scheduler. Jobs are run through the Clubmask server over Bproc, which
provides a global process space for the entire cluster. The database
server acts as a co-ordination point for the clubmask server, the
scheduler, and the monitoring servers on the nodes.

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