Recent AMD760MPX chipset PCI measurements??

Paul Lu paullu at
Tue Feb 12 22:00:11 PST 2002

Hello Patrick

Thank you for your very detailed answer.  It is much appreciated.
As you may know, I've got 16 nodes worth of Myrinet already on order :-) :-)

On Wed, Feb 13, 2002 at 12:26:19AM -0500, Patrick Geoffray wrote:
> Ok, briefly: the MPX chipset is, in my opinion a very good one. It's 
> certainely not as good as the serverworks one, but it's still very 
> attractive for several reasons:


What I failed to mention is that I've decided to go with the 760MPX
chipset.  I want the AMD CPUs.  And I wanted the headroom, but I'm swayed
by realities.

> And something I like a lot about the MPX design is that the AGP bus is 
> bridged from the 64/66 PCI, and the bridged is implemented on both ways: 
> it's possible to send/recv to/from the memory on a AGP video card. Some 
> cool parallel rendering and video transfert can be done...

Yes, very cool.  For us, the nodes are compute nodes, so video is not
a factor. :-)  In fact, in order to fit Myrinet, GigE, and SCSI (on-
board SCSI is another aspect of our ServerWorks boards that I will miss)
into a 2U chassis, we may have to leave out the video cards.  :-) :-)

Thanks again,


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