scyld 27B-7 slave boot problems

Horatio B. Bogbindero wyy at
Fri Feb 8 10:50:42 PST 2002

i am really sorry if this is a repeated question. but, i just got my
hands on a scyld beowulf CD 27B-7. i am having troubles getting the
slave nodes to completely boot. i have an existing cluster already but
would like to try scyld out. i configured the master by install
the GNOME setup. there were no problems installing and running the 
master node.

i am using Intel EEPro100 FE cards on the nodes and they are athlon 800s.
the slave upon boot up successfully executes a rarp request. it boots
its first kernel then does the really cool two-kernel monte. it continues
the boot up and stops when it tries to load the filesystem. something
like a VFS root file system cannot be found.

i thought it was an NFS problem but apparently NFS is only used for
mounting the /home directory. i am not really familiar with scyld and
do not know were it gets its root filesystem. i assume that the 
/var/beowulf/boot.img is just a small boot stub image and not the actual
root filesystem?

thanks in advance for the help.
William Emmanuel S. Yu
Ateneo Cervini-Eliazo Networks (ACENT)
email  :  wyy at admu dot edu dot ph
web    :
phone  :  63(2)4266001-4186
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