Better rsh with timeout option?

Jeff Layton jeffrey.b.layton at
Fri Feb 8 04:50:04 PST 2002

Good morning,

   I've got some VERY simplistic scripts to loop over hostnames
to execute a command on the nodes via rsh. However, there are
times when the node responds to a ping, but you can't rsh to it
(the node has basically swapped itself to death, but still responds
to pings). The current rsh has no timeout option and I'm guessing
the current timeout setting is very long (I have never bothered to
find out what it is - I just kill the terminal window after about
5 minutes).
   Does anyone know of a rsh with a timeout option? I searched
the web pretty thoroughly and came up with zip (except for prsh
but it is asynchronous, I want synchronous output :).



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