performance monitoring/sysstat -> html?

Chris Harwell charwell at
Thu Feb 7 11:17:47 PST 2002


i'm interested in presenting the information from sar in a graphical 
format within a web page. 

on RedHat sa/r will run and stick information useful for load monitoring 
etc. in /var/log/sa/sa??? that information includes procs/s, pages in/out, 
CPU %user,idle interrupts/sec, blocks in/out...

i think this could be a quick useful way to look at the month so far 
performance snapshot, make some quick estimated of load balance, check on 
swapping etc. 

i'd like to present this information from each node in a web page on a 
sinlge computer - with simple line plots. i'm guessing that one could work 
on the info and feed that to gnuplot and then throw that into html.

does anyone know of existing ways to do this? 


charwell at

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