High Speed Beowulf Cluster using gigabit ethernet

W Bauske wsb at paralleldata.com
Tue Feb 5 13:22:31 PST 2002

Donald Becker wrote:
> The problem is that the bit to enable 64 bit data transfers is loaded
> from the EEPROM.  If this bit is programmed wrong from the factory, a 32
> bit card (remember, it's the same chip as a 64 bit card) will try to do
> 64 bit transfers and vice versa.  Apparently some vendors, at least for
> early cards, used the example EEPROM programming unmodified.  When the
> default was incorrect for their design, they compensated for the mistake
> (perhaps not even realizing it was a mistake) by modifying the driver to
> set the bus size configuration based on the PCI subsystem ID.  But that
> means only their cumtomized driver works.  Doh!

How about a module parameter that lets you set it yourself? Hopefully
you know what kind of slot you put the card in. Seems simple enough
to get it working, at least manually that way.


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