AMD Athlon with Intel Fortran Compiler (continued)

Bernd Schubert bernd-schubert at
Tue Feb 5 10:19:45 PST 2002


have you already tryed to compile some fortran stuff using this compiler? I 
didn't try, too. But some from our workgroup did, and code that was up to 
this time compileable with every other f90 compiler, didn't compile with the 
intel compiler. Other code that compiled fine, simply didn't run properly.
I think this is the reason why you need support.

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On Tuesday 05 February 2002 17:42, Michael Mayer wrote:
> Hi all,
> am I totally wrong but for non-commercial users there is a free-download
> but unsupported version of the compiler... Why buy if one doesn't need the
> support ?
> Michael Mayer
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