Advice on Cluster Hardware.

Alberto Ramos alberto at
Tue Feb 5 09:35:23 PST 2002

  Here in a university of Madrid, we are designing a Beowulf for paralel
computing in QCD. We will begin with a small cluster to see the performance
and later try with other comunications, like mirynet.

  The Hardware will be 4 nodes each consisting of:
  - 2xAMD MP 1800+ CPU
  - 1x512MB RAM DDR
  - 1xTyan tiger MP
  - 2x3-COM 905B NIC
  - 20GB HD
  The master node has 1GB of RAM DDR, and one aditional HD to use as /home.
  The conection will be trought a HP Procurve Switch 408 with 8 ports to use
Chanel Bonding.

  Now the questions:
  - Any known problems with the hardware?
  - Are the NIC and the Switch good choices?
  - Will the Intel FORTRAN 90 Compiler work with this hardware.
  Thank you very much for your time.

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