slave node problem

david silverman silve at
Tue Feb 5 04:19:55 PST 2002

> > I have the $3 Scyld -8 CD. The front-end node seems to work fine. The 
> slave
> > nodes, though don't get past getting an IP address. After getting the IP
> > address, it just keeps repeating 'neighbor table overflow'.
>In this case I suspect that it means either "no ARP response" or
>"transmit packets were not marked as complete".

It did get an IP address.

> > It seems to recognize the etherlink III 3c590 NIC fine during
> > bootup.
>What NIC do you have?
>Is it really an ancient 10Mbps 3c590, or some other 590/900 series card?

The front node has a 3c905 tx, the one slave I'm testing things on has "an 
ancient 10Mbps 3c590" - could one of those or the generic hub be the problem?

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