GridEngine News

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at
Mon Feb 4 17:39:19 PST 2002

For those of you don't know, GridEngine is an
opensource batch scheduler that is commonly used by
HPC labs and edu sites. (It used to be a commerical
product that costs over $500 US per CPU!!)

Anyways, some News updates:

1. GridEngine released.
Bug fix release released, with a number of
bugs fixed:

2. GridEngine 5.3 beta
SGE 5.3 has implemented a new set of scheduling
policies and imploved scalability:

3. SGE-Maui Integration
Many HPC labs and beowulf clusters run the Maui
scheduler, which has its unqiue back-filling
scheduling ability. An integration with SGE is
currently under development:


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