how to build a small beowulf cluster

Kevin Wood kwood at
Mon Feb 4 07:01:54 PST 2002

YiTing Liu,

Here's an initial step-by-step setup of a cluster and it even tells you how
to test it.

It seems to cover everything.  PVM/MPI, security and network performance.
It will also point you to where all the software is.

Hope this helps.

Kevin Wood
GSHiis, Inc.
kwood at

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Hi, All,

  I am new to this mailing list.
  Also it's my first time to build "small" cluster alone for school's
  Only 2 linux machines , one is master and the other is the node.
  Their CPU - P4 1.76Hz, 80GB in HD, 1GB memory.
  One has SMC EZ NIC card, the other has Intel Pro 10/100 NIC Card.

  I surfed lots web sites, including and
  BUT, I still have no idea how/where to start!!

  Can some one point a way for me?
  I'll be appreciated!!

  Thank you very much.


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