High Speed Beowulf Cluster using gigabit ethernet

Ole W Saastad ole at scali.no
Mon Feb 4 00:12:14 PST 2002

Ad. GBE interconnect.
Have you tested your applications with gigabit ethernet ?

The latency with GBE and fast ethernet are almost the same,
and while you get much higher bandwidth (not 100 MB/sec, unfortunately)
but substantially more than with 100 fast ethernet, the latency
is still a showstopper for many applications.

GBE is still relatively expensive and you might be better of spending
your extra money on  more nodes or a high performance interconnect.

If your applications are sensitive to latency you get a large gain
in performance when changing to an interconnect with low latency.

SCI is such an interconnect with bandwidths over 300 MB/sec and a
latency of less than 4 us.

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