Advice on "mini" Beowulf cluster

Miska Le Louarn lelouarn at
Mon Feb 4 00:05:42 PST 2002

> Matrices multiply of 10000 can easily fit on one machine. Have you 
> looked at 4-way SMPs ?

> Scalapack is "dense", you will be fine with Fast ethernet, specially 
> for a small number of nodes. Don't use a tiny blocksize and you won't 
> produce much traffic (rule of thumb: use the optimal blocksize 
> computed by ATLAS and try 1x, 2x, 3x, ...).

Those machines seem to be way more expensive than a few PCs.
Yes, I am not too concerned about the matrix multiplication in fact. 
However, the SVD is a n^3 process and that takes a *Lot* of memory... I 
was not sure if the oparation was network intensive too. I made some 
simple tests on just a few PCs which tended to show that it was not.
Thanks for the confirmation.


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