bzImage/kernel comp prob

cjereme at cjereme at
Wed Dec 18 13:18:15 PST 2002

I am currently setting up a beowulf that is running on SuSe 8.1 kernel
2.4.19. Since   
the kernel seem to have most of the stuff on it, I decided to keep the
kernel that came   
with it and make a bzimage for the compute nodes. I plan to eventually
download mknbi   
later on. But when I execute the ff commands   
make clean   
make dep   
make -j 16 bzImage   
I get get errors getting an .o file for trap.c ...has anyone come across
this problem?  
I know this is really a kernel question...  So it basically would not
ocmpile for me. 
if it will help: 
I am working on a diskless beowulf and planning to do network boot using
fa310tx cards.  

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