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Tue Apr 30 10:25:12 PDT 2002

On Tue, Apr 30, 2002 at 11:45:27AM -0400, Donald Becker's all...
> > >>>>> "Herbert" == Herbert Fruchtl <fruechtl at> writes:
> >
> >     Herbert> Would you PLEEEEEASE not send huge binary attachments to
> >     Herbert> the list! Put them on the web, send them on demand,
> I apologize for allowing this very large message to get through.
> Some subscribers were lucky, and didn't see the message.  Sending a
> 2.4MB message to several thousand subscribers saturated our link.  Once
> I figured out what was happening, I shut down the mailer and manually
> deleted the large messages from the queue.  (That's why the mailer was
> down overnight.)
> The Klez virus is part of the problem here.  There have been so many
> Klez messages that I assumed the initial complaints were mistaken about
> the message source.
> On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Raju Mathur wrote:
> > This is a Mailman-administered list, and Mailman has pretty decent
> > options to filter out messages containing all sorts of unnecessary
> > content.  For instance, on the Linux-India-* lists which I manage we
> > quarantine all messages with any MIME content (including HTML) for
> > administrator action.
> We are running Mailman 2.0.6.
> I don't see a moderation option for MIME, although I might have missed it.

In the new mailman (whcih we also use) there should be header filtering.
It should be possible to filter based on Content-type: however that
doesnt help with content-length.

> > The new version of Mailman (which was still Beta, last I checked) had
> > command-line tools for doing regular list maintenance.  Quite an
> > improvement over that sucky web interface (IMNSHO).  Vive l'keyboard!
> OOoooh... I'm updating when it comes out of beta.  It's very time
> consuming to use the web interface to delete the same spam from two
> dozen lists.  I'm hoping the new version has "discard" patterns as well
> as the current "hold for moderation" pattens.

The new one can auto discard spam, andyou can even do it sans notification.
(I do it with, so I get the spam, but just to see what's being discarded
in case some lost sheep subscriber is posting incorrectly to my relatively
private lists.)

Its not bad. Now if I could only figure out why it uses a cluster worth
of CPU to deliver messages, I'd be happy with mailman. :) (1.2Ghz CPU
doing about 20-30% cpu 24hrs a day to send 2000 posts-recipient :( )


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