Attachmants (was: Hyperthreading in P4)

Raju Mathur raju at
Tue Apr 30 06:38:32 PDT 2002

This is a Mailman-administered list, and Mailman has pretty decent
options to filter out messages containing all sorts of unnecessary
content.  For instance, on the Linux-India-* lists which I manage we
quarantine all messages with any MIME content (including HTML) for
administrator action.  While it's a bit of a PITA for the list
administrator, it definitely keeps the list coherent and easy on both
the high-bandwidth and us III-world 28.8-dialup types :-)

The new version of Mailman (which was still Beta, last I checked) had
command-line tools for doing regular list maintenance.  Quite an
improvement over that sucky web interface (IMNSHO).  Vive l'keyboard!

BTW, most (all?) mailers have options for exploding digests into
individual messages, after which you'll be able to read the
attachments just fine.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Herbert" == Herbert Fruchtl <fruechtl at> writes:

    Herbert> Would you PLEEEEEASE not send huge binary attachments to
    Herbert> the list! Put them on the web, send them on demand,
    Herbert> whatever. Hundreds of elm users hate you and will never
    Herbert> buy from your company again :-)

    Herbert> I apologise if others already complained. I only get the
    Herbert> daily digest (where attachments are definitely
    Herbert> unreadable).

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