Hyperthreading in P4

Steve Gaudet SGaudet at turbotekcomputer.com
Mon Apr 29 11:33:18 PDT 2002

> I am also using a dual Xeon 2.2 Ghz box and it seems
> that the box is slower than my normal pentium 3 also.
> The reason i guess is the kernel. If i watch my
> /proc/interrupts i see all of them on the single CPU .
> Upon research on the net i found that it required some
> kind of IRQ routing patch , (ingo's i guess) so that
> the CPU's perform better.
> I havent had much exposure to writing Open MP programs
> and then testing the power of the Xeon.
> comments??

Key issues are:
1.  Code must be threaded.
2.  BIOS and O.S. must be enabled.
	- RH has a patch available on their site.

As for the performance vs PIII, I strongly recommend that application
developers use our C and Fortran compilers for Linux.  GCC is not
well-optimized for Netburst architecture, PGI is o.k., and our compilers
really fly!  In addition, our compilers generate the best code for PIII,
AMD, and P4P/Xeon based systems so you really can't lose.

Pls see the following Hyper-Threading whitepaper (preliminary) for all the
gory details about req'ts.> 


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